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Once upon a time you could hear great music in the morning on DC area radio. Music which might even make you stop on the way to work, inspiring you to start your day a little later, with a smile on your face. Maybe you would spend a few minutes searching out the music you had heard. That’s what we’re trying to create with Antidote.  We aim to be the antidote to all of that news of war, politics, and tragedy, providing you with a musical oasis.

You might hear jazz, blues, folk, world music; tracks from the past or new releases; interviews with international world-class musicians passing through the DC area or with DC resident musicians making their mark on the local and national scene.

You can catch Antidote broadcasting live in the DC area at WERA 96.7FM, and online at, 9am every Tuesday morning. The show rebroadcasts on Sundays at 4pm and plays in the UK on West Norfolk Radio Sundays at 5pm (GMT).

Antidote is also supporting the DC area music scene by curating live music events and as a record label producing promoting mainly DC area artists.

Let us know what you like or what you think we should be listening to with a message or an email. Link to our pages on Facebook and Mixcloud to get your weekly update. The archive of all programs is available on Mixcloud.

Antidote airs live every Tuesday at 9:00 am on WERA 96.7FM and streams live on The program rebroadcasts on Sundays at 4pm, and in the UK, Sundays at 5pm (GMT) on West Norfolk Radio.