Image may contain: textMusic City DC! – Smithsonian Associates, Nov 28, 2018 (ticket link here) 

Ken Avis presents a concise history of 200 years of Popular Music in the Washington DC area.

What have people been listening to; who have been the musicians and music business characters of DC, making a mark in the city and beyond? It’s common knowledge that DC has a rich jazz legacy; that GoGo was invented here, and that DC had an influential punk scene….but did you know DC was also known as America’s capital of Country Music before Nashville, and had a renowned Bluegrass scene too. These are by no means the only music genres to have thrived in the Nation’s Capital. Weaving together trends of social change, technology and business innovation learn about the sounds of our Music City in this 2 hour overview, reflecting  Ken’s 8 part lecture series delivered for Encore Learning at George Mason University.


Strathmore Artists in Residence Program workshops, and Professional Development for Musicians Seminars

Ken and Lynn have both had the honor of being mentors on the prestigious Strathmore Artist in Residence Program for professional young musicians. Ken has developed and presented a number of workshops for Strathmore supporting musicians in how to build audiences, create and market albums, get gigs and build tours and how to navigate through the challenging maze of getting paid for your music.

TED Talk – Exploding the Myths of Improvisation

There’s an image of the improviser taking inspiration from the gods and inventing a new music-of-the soul, in the moment. Only those with the spiritual connection have their antenna tuned to receive the divine message. Well, what about the rest of us? How do we develop our sage-like qualities to hang with the cool kids and create in the moment? Let’s democratize the idea of improvisation to transform it into an everyday frame-of-mind which we can all use in our daily activities. Watch the video here.